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Message posted on 15/05/2023

Post-Doc & PhD Vacancies in the ERC Project "Future Space" STS, Uni Vienna

Dear all,

I am looking for a post-doc researcher and a Ph.D. candidate (fully funded) for my ERC Starting Grant Project, "FutureSpace: Making the Ariane Rocket: Negotiating Relations between European Integration and the Future of Europe in Space" (University of Vienna, STS Dep.) Join us on a journey to explore the relations between large-scale infrastructures, European integration, and envisioned space futures through multi-sited ethnographies!

Deadline for applications: June 15, 2023

More info about the positions here:

More information about the project: FutureSpace (PI: Dr Nina Klimburg Witjes) explores the intricate relations between large-scale infrastructures, practices of European integration, and envisioned space futures, using the case of the European Ariane rocket. The project will provide empirically and theoretically rich insights into how the future of European integration in space is imagined and enacted in the global space race. Methodologically, the project team will conduct an interdisciplinary and multi-sited ethnography that links social science and engineering to explore the material and imaginative aspects of space infrastructures. Over five years, we will "follow the rocket around" across Europe to understand how it is imagined and enacted by different actors over time and to trace the co-productive relationship between practices of European integration, changing geopolitical power relations, and envisioned futures of space. We will draw on and contribute to the lively debates in STS, Social Studies of Outer Space, international relations, and anthropology of outer space on the politics of infrastructuring; space as a place; sociotechnical imaginaries, commercialization and militarization of space, sustainability, governance, and values in the New Space age, as well as to methodological innovations in studying the relations of Earth and outer space.

I would be grateful if you could share these job openings with your network. Please reach out to if you have any questions about the positions and the project.

Thanks and best,


Dr. Nina Klimburg-Witjes (University Assistant, post-doc)

University of Vienna, Dep. of Science and Technology Studies

Universitätsstrasse 7, 1010 Vienna

Tel: +43-1-4277-49625 eMail: [1] [2]


[1] [2]

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