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Message posted on 18/01/2023

Agents of the General and the Particular open panel at Nordic STS June 7-9

Dear all,

The call for papers for the Nordic STS conference June 7- June 9 in Oslo is out! Francis Lee (Chalmers University of Technology), David Ribes (University of Washington) and I are co-organizing the open panel "Agents of the General and the Particular". Please do consider submitting an abstract! Deadline 1st March.

Agents of the General and the Particular

This session seeks papers that trace and inspect agents of the general and particular, the people and things that translate between instances, and collections of instances, to generalities, in attempts to produce universalities. Who or what constitute the agents of the general and the particular, and how do they accomplish their work, to what end, and with what consequences? The general and the particular are STS themes as old as the hills. But here we seek concrete examinations of human and non-human activities, infrastructures, and architectures that make these translations happen. For example, how particular phenomena become translated into generalities, such as equations, advice, guidelines, rules, software, models, algorithms, interviews, survey data or machine learning. We are interested in the agents of the general and particular in a broad sense, how generalities are translated into action, used to enact specific programmes or policies. How are such movements between sites and scales accomplished? What are the (small and big) tools, devices, and infrastructures that are enrolled by actors to navigate and translate things/facts/issues/etc. between the general and the particular? How do social movement actors, governmental organizations, information technologists, and/or scientists do this? We seek concrete examinations and narratives of the translations between particularity and generality (or vice versa!). What are the tools and techniques for doing so? What are the challenges, frictions and resistances these agents encounter? /2023/nordic-sts/accepted-panels.html

Best wishes, Lisa

Lisa Lindn

Docent/Associate Professor in Gender and Technology

Division of Science, Technology and Society (STS), Chalmers University of Technology


Recent publication:

The needle pricking and two modes of 'doing good' in the Swedish school-based HPV vaccination programme in Sociology of Health & Illness (with Ylva Odenbring)

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