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For viewing problems click here (optimized for Firefox and Chrome)UPCOMING EVENTS The War of Torments Imagining and Experiencing the Great Pox in Renaissance Florence John Henderson Webinar: 11 November 2023 - 5 PM (CET)

The epidemic of the Great Pox had a profound impact on many aspects of early modern European society. In contrast to plague, which led to rapid rises in mortality, this new chronic disease led to long-drawn-out suffering, poverty, destitution and death, infecting all levels of society, from popes and cardinals to princes, courtesans and the poor.Info and Registration Sweat it Out Insensible Perspiration in the Eighteenth Century Ruben Verwaal Webinar: 6 December 2022 - 5 Pm (CET) Dutch physicians of the Boerhaave school instead paid particular attention to the role of microscopic nerves and nervous juice. Johannes de Gorter, for example, incorporated chemical examinations and neurological descriptions to develop a more detailed theory of the internal physiology of perspiration.Info and Registration The System of Lazzaretti Reconsidered The Materiality of Quarantine in the Early Modern Mediterranean Marina Inì Webinar: 14 December 2022 - 5 Pm (CET)  During the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth century, Venice managed a network of different lazzaretti that protected the entirety of its territories in its frequent exchanges with the Levant. Info and Registration The Early Modern Reception of Galen's Pharmacology A New Assessment of "Simple Medicines" and "The Powers of Foods" Fabrizio Bigotti and John Wilkins Hybrid Conference: 15-16 December 2022  The conference will focus on the early modern reception of Galenic pharmacology, and especially on works such as De simplicium medicamentorum temperamentis ac facultatibus and De Alimentorum facultatibus. Info and RegistrationOPEN GRANTS VivaMente Grant Under this scheme € 3,000 plus the free usage of the Domus Comeliana (worth an additional €2,500 per day) will be awarded to the best proposals for a max. 2-day event to be held in Pisa. APPLY Santorio Fellowship Five Santorio Fellowships, worth €500 each, will be offered throughout as a gratuity to join the Summer School by means of an application process. APPLY Centre for the Study of Medicine and the Body in the Renaissance (CSMBR)via Pietro Maffi 48, 56126, Pisa - Italy Help& FAQ's |  Returns  |  0039 050-866-7800   This email was sent to because you requested our newsletter or attended to one of our events.   To manage your subscription or update your info click here -  If you want to unsubscribe click here    CONTACTS - PRIVACY - UPDATE - UNSUBSCRIBE

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