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Message posted on 30/08/2021

EASST Fund call for workshops & meetings, 1,500€

                Dear all,

EASST invites for applications to its EASST Fund - check out our updated 
call - for grants up to 1,500€ for workshops, networking meetings, etc.

EASST Fund aims to promote national and cross-national community 
building within EASST,
  advance new questions, topics and perspectives in science and 
technology studies, as well as enable
  collaboration with non-academic actors publicly engaged in science and 
technology. EASST wishes
  to support a range of activities such as the organisation of 
conferences, network meetings, seminars,
  workshops, etc. These can be either online or in-person or a 
combination of both.

We welcome network and community-building activities organised by, or 
leading to, the creation of
  national and regional academic associations or other academic and 
non-academic initiatives
  committed to the promotion of scholarly and public engagements with 
science and technology in the

European region.

We similarly encourage the organisation of workshops and small 
conferences within Europe with
  the potential of making significant theoretical and/or empirical 
contributions to the field.

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