EASST Review: Volume 41(3) December 2022


Editorial by Sarah Schönbauer

STS Live

Rendering waste (in)visible though categories: A reflection of my view on waste. by Artemis Papadaki-Anastasopoulou

In a Speculative Mood: Affective Waste-Knowledge and Sluggish Science Practices by Kathrin Eitel

Composting plastic-packaged food waste: A note on classifications and temporalities. by Laura Bomm

The environmental footprint of social media hosting: Tinkering with Mastodon by Stefan Laser, Anne Pasek, Estrid Sørensen, Mél Hogan, Mace Ojala, Jens Fehrenbacher, Maximilian Gregor Hepach, Leman Çelik, Koushik Ravi Kumar

Beyond Plasticity by Tridibesh Dey

Cherish, not Perish

Beyond Climate Fixes: From Public Controversy to System Change by Les Levidow

Call for Papers

Science as Culture (SaC): three Calls for Papers by Science as Culture

STS Events

STS in context: Provincialising STS from central Europe by Sarah R Davies, Tereza Stöckelová, Fredy Mora Gámez, Roos Hopman, Patrick Bieler, and workshop participants

News from the Council

Call for new EASST Review editors

Making STS better by Maja Horst