EASST Review: Volume 41(2) October 2022


EASST 2022: looking forward from yesterday by Vincenzo Pavone


Bruno Latour, 1947-2022 by Researchers of the CSI

Reflections on the EASST Conference

Science-in-society communication(s): reflections on the pasts, presents, futures of a thematic stream by Melpomeni Antonakaki

Experience of a PhD student from an in-person conference in the era of covid-19. by Konstantinos Konstantis

Fieldnotes on FlyingLess Conferencing by Vanessa Ashall, Tobias Held, Stefan Laser, Julie Sascia Mewes, Mace Ojala, Nona Schulte-Roemer, Robert Smith, Richard Tutton, Sine Zambach

Futures and encounters, beyond IFEMA. by Joan Moyà-Köhler

EASST 2022 Madrid: An argument for smaller, slower, and more diverse future conferences by Lenka Veselá

EASST Conference: Reports

Democratic Situations event(s) report: An intervention by Anders Blok by Andreas Birkbak, Anders Blok, Irina Papazu

Reflections and suggestions for the future of European STS: an early career workshop report by Sarah Rose Bieszczad

The History of Technoscientific Promises and the Promises of Technoscientific History by Susannah Glickman

Has crisis ‘run out of steam’? Exploring the affective and temporal qualities of ‘crisis talk’ by Roosa Rytkönen

Rethinking Multiple Ontologies and Ecologies: A review by Jaya Sarkar

EASST Story Competition

First-ever poetry, flash fiction and short story competition… introducing the winners by Michela Cozza, Nina Klimburg-Witjes & Sally Wyatt

Poetical Science (for Ada Lovelace) by Eva Hilberg

Crystallization by Hans Boeykens, Michiel Van Oudheusden

Sobriety in a time of planetary crisis by Stephanie Lavau

Dam Visions by Kathrin Eitel

Skylark by Steven Gonzalez Monserrate

The President by Judith Igelsböck

STS Events

Traveling through the past and into the future of Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR): Midpoint report on the 2022 STIR Seminar Series by Mareike Smolka, Erik Fisher, Cynthia Pickering, Lyric Peate

New from the Council

Conferences and upcoming elections by Maja Horst