EASST Review: Volume 41(1) April 2022


Neutrinos, Jet Fuel, Endings and Beginnings by James Besse, Niki Vermeulen, Sarah Schönbauer, Vincenzo Pavone


IN MEMORIAM – Trevor Pinch (1952-2021) by Wiebe Bijker and Karin Bijsterveld

Thank you to the outgoing EASST President

Celebrating our former EASST president Prof. Ulrike Felt

STS Live

Outer Space in the Museum Shop by Eleanor Armstrong

The unbearable lightness of billionaires in space by Richard Tutton

Utopia(s), Outer Space Law and Ecology by Matjaz Vidmar and Saskia Vermeylen

STS Multiple

Building academic living spaces from heterogeneous networks: the story of STS Austria by Helene Sorgner, Nikolaus Poechhacker

Skills, (Career) Trajectories, and Stories: The “Living Books” – Workshop by Helene Sorgner

Bringing (digital) infrastructures (back) to life: an STS Austria workshop report by Erik Aarden & Nikolaus Poechhacker

Cherish, not Perish

Curious Edinburgh by Kate Bowell & Niki Vermeulen


Internationalisation in context: dominant and peripheral discourses by Rodrigo Liscovsky Barrera

News from the Council

Dear EASST members by Maja Horst

Conference updates in times of war by Vincenzo Pavone

STS Events

Prestigious Holberg Prize goes to Sheila Jasanoff by Hilde Reinertsen, Tone Druglitrø and Ana Delgado

The war in Ukraine and European (dis)integration: possible axes of change by Ivan Tchalakov, Bilyana MIleva