EASST Review: Volume 37(4) October 2018


Sites of intervention: Getting down and dirty by Vicky Singleton, Richard Tutton

Meeting Afterthoughts: Lancaster’s EASST Conference 2018

Cosmopolitical sensitivities in STS practice: How to continue a panel session after is it is over? by Michaela Spencer

Decolonial and Intersectional Feminist Afterthoughts by Sophie Toupin

Political sociabilities: Where are my kin? by Jonnet Middleton

Talking about them with them? Representing objects-subjects in STS Conferences by Nadav Even Chorev

Innovation and STS: why, how and for whom? by Eva Kotašková

Perplexing, experimental and affective meetings at Lancaster conference by Sara Bea

What does infrastructuring look like in STS? When? Workshop Report by Karen S. Baker, Andrea Botero, Hanne Cecilie Geirbo, Helena Karasti, Sanna Marttila, Elena Parmiggiani and Joanna Saad-Sulonen

Encounter, create and eat the world: a meal (workshop) by Michael Guggenheim and Laura Cuch

“Sticky business” inspires: enacting ethics by adding syrup to laboratory life by Mareike Smolka

Scientific identities: how to re-engage with identity and its politics by Sarah Schönbauer, Rosalind Attenborough

The Confluence of Design and STS: Reflecting Disciplinary Positions and/or Situatedness by Yana Boeva

Still “in its infancy”? Afterthoughts on the relevance of STS anchors in Germany by Tim Schütz

Repairing machines, crafting relationships Meetings of humans, machines and other non-human worlds by Kostas Latoufis

Why should a Master’s student go to EASST conference? by Artemis Papadaki Anastasopoulou

What should be the main purpose of a Conference? by Guillem Palà

Invent your job: Some thoughts on embracing invention in the doctoral workshop by Violeta Argudo Portal

Invent Your Job?: On Embodying STS Practice by Samantha Breslin

Climbing over fences. Afterthoughts on the pre-conference doctoral workshop „Invent Your Job!“ by Annelie Pentenrieder

On being useful? Situating the STS researcher in science and policy by Jasmine E Livingston

How to find a job after your PhD by Lianghao Dai