EASST Review: Volume 37(3) July 2018


“A world can only be stopped by another world” by Tomás Sánchez Criado

STS Live | #metoo

We-too? Sexism, feminism and STS by Celia Roberts

#Metoo & feminist activism in India by Mehroonisa Raiva and Salla Sariola

Violet spots against sexual harassment in the University: an activist collective response from Spain by Irene Blanco-Fuente, Marta Eulalia Blanco-García, Paula Martín-Peláez, Syra Peláez-Orero, Carmen Romero-Bachiller

Invisible violence in STS: Lessons on challenges and tactics from the Chilean feminist movement by Martin Pérez Comisso , Patricia Peña

The Cosmoethics of New Rights Movements by Andrei Korbut


Centre for Gender & Science by Marcela Linková

In Search of the Geopolitical and Epistemic Relocation of Czech Social Sciences by Tereza Stöckelová


The Provocations of the Platypus by Ian Lowrie


Citizen engagement in science: Impressions from an international workshop on citizen science by Joke Kenens, Michiel van Oudheusden, Gert Verschraegen, Ine Van Hoyweghen

Knowledge/Culture/Ecologies. Interdisciplinary perspectives on social-ecological transformations by Juan Francisco Salazar, Manuel Tironi

“How to do research with Science and Technology Studies?” Workshop report on the empirical impact of STS by Andreas Wagenknecht, Astrid Wiedmann, Katherin Wagenknecht, Philipp Goll

Circling the Square: Re-designing nature-cultures in a changing urban climate by Ignacio Farías, Felix Remter, Regine Keller

EASST Activities

STS Interventions into Green Futures. A report on the EASST funded workshop organized in Poznań, Poland by Aleksandra Lis, Agata Stasik