EASST Review: Volume 36(1) April 2017


(De)mobilizing the (STS) facts by Andrey Kuznetsov

STS Live / Alternative Facts

Post-Truth/Fake-Posts. Or, the Truth in Beta mode by Cymene Howe

The social order of facts vs. truths by Estrid Sørensen

Beyond Fact Checking: Reconsidering the Status of Truth of Published Articles by David Pontille, Didier Torny

The little tools of difference by John Law

Matters of Fact(ization), Matters of Capitalization, and Matters of Care by Helen Verran

Is STS all Talk and no Walk? by Steve Fuller

STS Multiple

The Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS): Raising the stakes for STS in Germany by Sabine Maasen, Ignacio Farías, Uli Meyer, Ruth Müller, Jan-Hendrik Passoth, Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Wolfgang Pietsch, Karin Zachmann

Innovation & Society: The diversity of innovation practice by Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Uli Meyer

Collaboration and other forms of productive idiocy by Ignacio Farías, Ruth Müller, Jan-Hendrik Passoth

Cherish, not Perish

Valuation Studies – presentation for EASST Review by Valuation Studies

STS Events

Understanding the Role of Color in the Sciences by Bettina Bock von Wülfingen

Maintaining Technological Worlds Care and its Ambivalences by Göde Both, Marisa Leavitt Cohn

News from the Council

EASST Conference 2018: Lancaster, UK by .

The New EASST Council – Outcomes from December 2016 Elections by .

Former Council Members: Parting Words by .