EASST Review: Volume 34(3) September 2015


STS and Human Drama by Ignacio Farías

STS Multiple

Center for the Study of Invention and Social Process. Goldsmiths, University of London by Noortje Marres

This short piece introduces the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process, an interdisciplinary research centre based in the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. CSISP supports work in the broad area of science, technology, society and the environment, and hosts events, research, and projects that facilitate mutual intervention across disciplines and practices that touch on the social broadly conceived, such as design and social science, computing and sociology, the arts and environmental science. The article gives an overview of recent projects and activities hosted by CSISP and discusses the distinctive approach they take to invention, as not only a topic but also a resource for STS.

CSISP projects, events and publications are catalogued on the CSISP website (www.gold.ac.uk/csisp) and documented at CSISP online, the Centre’s blog (www.csisponline.net).

Market-Based Initiatives as Solutions to Techno-Scientific Problems: MISTS by Daniel Neyland, Sveta Milyaeva & Véra Ehrenstein

This short article presents a brief introduction to the MISTS project as an example of the research carried out within CSISP. MISTS is an ERC funded research programme which investigates the rise of market based initiatives designed to resolve collective concerns regarding, for example, health and the environment. The research explores possibilities ofered by drawing together recent Science and Technology Studies work on markets with more long standing concerns in science and technology policy. The research seeks to be inventive through participatory experiments in economic exchange alongside more traditional ethnographic methods.

The Energy Babble, Part of the Energy and Co-Designing Communities Project: ECDC by Alex Wilkie

Cherish, Not Perish

Tecnoscienza, Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies – Short-Circuits, Alternative Geographies and New Paths for Scientific Publishing in STS by The Editorial Coordination

Event Reports

Colourful, Courageous and Community-Building. Reflections from the Organizer of the 2nd Nordic STS Conference by Torben Elgaard Jensen

The 2nd Nordic STS conference, held in Copenhagen 2015, was an occassion to take stock of the current trends and developments of Nordic STS. In this paper, the leading organizer reflects on the event and characterises contemporary Nordic STS as colourful (spanning a wide range of perspectives and empirical topics), courageous (critical, reflexive but also willing to take on collaborative roles), and community building (sharing commitment to a number of topics and issues). Speculating on future developments, he suggests that Nordic STS will be receive impetus for change and transformation from at least four sources: (1) The steady stream of new controversial scientific and technological developments. (2) The increasing commitment to gather interdisciplinary collaboration and research funding around grand societal challenges. (3) Methodological developments wihin STS. (4) The increasing number of collaborative roles that STS, as a mature discipline, will be invited to take up.

Friction Zones and Local Energy Initiatives – an Excerpt from Graz 2015 by Giacomo Poderi

This note focuses on the scope that Energy and energy-related presentations had during the 14th Austrian Annual STS Conference “Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies”, held in Graz. It reflects on the idea of friction zones as a fruitful lens for looking at transformations of the energy paradigm and on the relevance of the local, in particular households and grassroot energy initiatives, as a key level of inquiry.


4S/EASST CONFERENCE BARCELONA – 2016: Science and Technology by Other Means by EASST

Obituary: Prof. Zeng Guoping (1953-2015) by Xiaobai Shen & Chengwei Wang