Gian Marco Campagnolo (University of Edinburgh)

I am Senior Lecturer in Science Technology and Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh and Faculty Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, the UK Centre for Data Science. I am developing a Sociology of Data Science and my current empirical focus is the application of data science to sport. In the UK, I have been part of the ESRC Digital Social Research Network and member of the ESRC Doctoral Training Partnerships Peer Review College for Social Data Science. Internationally, I have been a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Centre for Social Data Science (SODAS), the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation at MINES ParisTech and the University of Trento. In Edinburgh, I have been Director of Online Learning for the School of Social and Political Science in 2019-22 where I coordinated the School response to the pandemic, pivoting 256 staff and 200 courses to remote delivery in 4 months. In my career I contributed to organise more than 17 international academic conferences including the Participatory Design Conference (PDC) in 2006. If appointed as EASST Council Member, I believe my leadership in the online delivery of academic events can contribute with new and sustainable ways to the efforts of the European STS community to maintain a sense international collegiality in a time of crises. The hybrid approach adopted by the PDC 2022 conference for example, held in-person at multiple venues all at once, could be productively translated to the case of EASST and its multi-sited structure of national hubs.


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