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Message posted on 15/05/2023

Two fully funded PhD positions within STS on sustainability transitions

Apologies for cross posting

Dear all, At NTNU, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, we have two fully funded 3-year vacancies as PhD candidates within Science and Technology studies. Both positions focus on aspects related to energy and sustainability transitions and could also be of interest to scholars with other relevant backgrounds in the social sciences and humanities. Both projects are funded as part of the Norwegian centre for energy transition strategies (NTRANS)

Please note the short deadline (05.06)

Position 1: Tensions in transitions

Brief description: From the realization that climate emissions need to be reduced quickly, accelerating energy transitions has become a key focus amongst policy makers and innovators. This PhD project will study the factors driving acceleration, with a focus on the social consequences and justice implications of increased speed. This implies exploring the opportunities and challenges that come with accelerating the transition, including how speed influences public participation, knowledge production processes like environmental and biodiversity assessments, and technology adoption. Ultimately, the aim is to gain a better understanding of the complexities involved in accelerating the transition to sustainable energy production and use in Norway.

Read more and apply by 05.06.2023: ence-and-technology-studies-tensions-in-transitions

Position 2: exploring sustainability transitions within and from aviation

Brief description: The project focuses on the pervasive role that aviation plays in Norwegian society, with flying being an integrated element of most industries, as well as in the personal life of a large share of the population. From a socio-technical perspective, this project probes both the supply and the demand side of aviation, the goal being on the one hand to explore the opportunities and challenges for decarbonizing aviation, and on the other hand, the opportunities, and challenges for reducing aviation.

Read more and apply by 05.06.2023: -exploring-sustainability-transitions-within-and-from-aviation

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me or Gisle Solbu (

With my very best wishes from Trondheim, Tomas Moe Skjlsvold

[cid:image001.png@01D98744.931EDEA0] Tomas Moe Skjlsvold Professor of STS, and Vice director FME NTRANS. Phone +47 93634270 Email: Projects: Aces | Behaviour | Biopath | CaptureX |Cineldi | DRIVERS | Enhanceria |Northwind |Team Society |Gemini centre for sustainability transitions

Selected recent publications Fostering justice through engagement: A literature review of public engagement in energy transitions Are rapid and inclusive energy and climate transitions oxymorons? Towards principles of responsible acceleration Implementing Mission-oriented Experiments: Recommendations on Epistemic Inclusion for City Stakeholders Working in Climate Change Initiatives Pilot Society and the Energy Transition: The co-shaping of innovation, participation and politics

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