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Message posted on 02/02/2023

Nordic STS Panel on the Role of Numbers in Identification Practices (June 7-9 2023)

Dear all, If you're interested in issues of identification and the role of numbers in such practices, please consider joining our panel at Nordic STS in June. I've included the panel description and the submission link below.

Best, Baki

[The Role of Numbers in Identification Practices]

In diverse domains ranging from street addressing to civil registration, as well as in nearly all computational approaches to identification including voice and face recognition, numbers play a crucial role. In their introduction to the S&TS special issue on numbers and numbering, Lippert & Verran (2018) argue that number studies have often featured in STS scholarship. Indeed, the potential of the number as an object of study traverses many domains with relative ease, and past studies have used a wide variety of methods to analyse numbers and numbering. In this panel, we seek to focus scholarly attention on the relationship between numbers and identification practices. The identification of individuals, voices, faces, devices, addresses, streets, homes, and many others is saturated with numbers. But what makes numbers in identification so versatile for practitioners yet elusive as objects of analysis? We welcome all contributions that attend to the role of numbers in identification practices from an STS perspective, and we are especially interested in presentations that follow numbers in action, e.g. through ethnographic studies of numbering practices and/or number work in identification.

Other potential topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

The use of Nordic identification numbers in civil registration and/or

everyday life; historical perspectives on street/house addresses and addressing; ethnographic studies of digital identification technologies such as face or voice recognition; analyses of the standardization of numbers in e.g. area codes, license plates, etc.; the transformation of identification through the 'mundane' routines of number work; number/sensor relations in the identification of bodies and objects; the use of numbers in the identification and evaluation of scholarly work.

Panel organizers: Baki Cakici (IT University of Copenhagen); Tanja Knaus and Frauke Rohden (University of Oslo)

Submission deadline: 1 March 2023 Submission form: /2023/nordic-sts/submission.html

-- Baki Cakici Associate Professor Technologies in Practice (TiP) IT University of Copenhagen

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