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Message posted on 01/02/2023

VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies Updates: Workshop Report and Upcoming Seminars


with this message I would like to draw your attention to our upcoming seminars and our recently published report following our Workshop on Oversight of Police-Use of Surveillance Technology held on October 4 - 5, 2022. The registration links for our upcoming seminars and the workshop report are available on our website. SEMINAR SERIES

First up we invite Anders Albrechtslund (Aarhus University - Sorbonne University) on February 15 who will be discussing The Interplay between human agency and digital surveillance.

This talk will explore the role of human agency in data-intensive surveillance and contribute to the understanding of present and future digitally saturated societies. Emphasis on human agency in surveillance operations has the potential to uncover the way technologies are contingent on the participation and socio-cultural contexts of users, and how degrees of agency can be restricted or achieved in the use, design, development and regulation of these technologies.

Register HERE.

The remainder of our seminar schedule is as follows:

  • March 15 - Seminar XV : Surveillance and the Reproduction of Labor and Capital with Markus Kienscherf (Freie Universitt Berlin) online, from 3PM-4.30PM CET Register here
  • April 26 - Seminar XVI : Panel discussion about police's role in society, legitimacy and the image with Sofie De Kimpe (VUB, CRiS) , Rianne Dekker (Utrecht University School of Governance), Wilco Versteeg (Radboud Universiteit), TBA
  • May 4 - Seminar XVII : Algorithmic Finitude and the Violence of Closed-Loop Epistemologies: Re-situating Surveillance and Surveyance with Chantelle Gray (North West University Potchefstroom) online, from 11AM-12.30PM CET Register here

On October 4 - 5, 2022, the VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies hosted a workshop on Oversight of Police-Use of Surveillance Technology.

The workshop discussed two topics:

1) Discussing processes and considerations of surveillant activities: Harmonizing crime control, performance, privacy, and social costs 2) Discussing accountability arrangements in multi-actor security provision: Exploring the triangular relationship between police departments, oversight bodies, and corporate producers of surveillance technologies The report can be found under 'publications' on our website.

Kind regards,

Bram Visser PhD Candidate at the VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies [cid:image001.jpg@01D93626.E44ED8D0]

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