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Message posted on 27/01/2023

Call 2023 / 2024 - Visiting Fellowships for the Field of Excellence (Uni Graz)

Call 2023 / 2024 - Visiting Fellowships for the Field of Excellence (Uni Graz)

CALL 2023/2024 - Dimensionen der Europisierung (

In the course of the academic year, the Field of Excellence "Dimensions of Europeanization" at the University of Graz is supporting four junior fellows (post-doc and early career) and two senior fellows (tenured professors and equivalent) to spend one semester in Graz to conduct and present research and collaborate with other researchers.

During the academic year 2023-24, the fellowship program will focus on topics related to the five research clusters of the Field of Excellence "Dimensions of Europeanization"

  • European Literatures and their Interactions

  • Cultural Memory and Cultural Heritage in the Context of Europeanization and Digital Transformation

  • Migration, Borders and Mobilities in, around and across Europe

  • In/Equalities in Societal Transformation Processes (focusing on South Eastern and Central Europe)

  • Knowledge Transfer and Concepts of Europe

The Field of Excellence and its clusters are interested in projects that engage with the topics of the clusters using an interdisciplinary approach and are open to a diachronic engagement. In particular, a focus on Southeastern Europe is welcome, but not required. Innovative, unconventional project ideas are especially welcome. The research conducted can be part of a larger project, but applicants should be able to demonstrate a clearly defined research project for the stay in Graz.

The projects should clearly relate to the overall focus of the Field of Excellence and (at least) to one of the research clusters. The Field of Excellence "Dimensions of Europeanization" deals with a broad range of processes that could be described as "Europeanization" in past and present. It focuses on the analysis of changing discourses of Europe, especially in regard to the transfer of concepts, values and ideas. Thus, it seeks to redefine the concept of Europeanization, in particular in Southeastern Europe, and to identify the historically grounded cultural, economic and social processes that are circumscribed by it. The Field of Excellence explores the field of Europeanization through interdisciplinary approaches, incorporating sociology, history, geography, cultural studies, literature, law, political science, economics, theology, as well as digital methods. It currently includes 29 principal investigators from five different faculties and the inter-faculty Center for Southeast European Studies at the University. The Field of Excellence includes doctoral training, research projects and a fellowship program.

CALL 2023/2024 - Dimensionen der Europisierung (

Please send your application with a Research Plan including the preferred assigned cluster and a CV until 16th March 2023 to europeanization(at)

Any inquiries, please feel free to get in contact.

Harald Kleinberger-Pierer University of Graz Office of Research Management and Service Research Manager Field of Excellence Dimensions of Europeanization postal address: Universittsplatz 3, A-8010 Graz NEW office address: "Vorklinik" Harrachgasse 21/6 phone: +43-316-380.1293


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