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Message posted on 19/01/2023

Datafication and Energy panel

Dear colleagues,

If you work on the topic of energy and data, we invite you to submit an abstract for our panel at the Nordic STS conference in Oslo (June 7-9, 2023).

      • Datafication and Energy: Platforming, Infrastructuring, Experimenting *
  • * Organised by: Julia Velkova, Darcy Parks and Caroline Anna Salling

In this open panel, we invite peers to reflect on the diverse ways in which the "digital energy" imaginary is enacted in practice - in multiple arenas, scales and contexts - and the resulting conflicts and tensions. Actors from the energy and tech industries are increasingly introducing platform logics to the governance of energy production and transmission; they build new connections between global data centers and local energy networks; and are experimenting with new services via devices such as sensors and apps. In these contexts, we seek to understand the interlacing and intertwinement of infrastructures sustaining data streams and infrastructures carrying energy flows, and ask: how is this interlacing imagined and practiced? With which implications? For whom? These trends raise many questions about the entanglement of energy and data infrastructure. Which changes are made to existing localised and globalised energy systems to accommodate the hyperscale energy consumption of heavy data processing? Which actors make the new energy systems that are replacing or extending traditional systems? Is the maintenance of energy through digitalisation, as well as energy consumption through datafication, forms of infrastructural care or economic opportunism?

Deadline is March 1. You can read the full description of the panel, find more about the conference, and submit your abstract here: /2023/nordic-sts/accepted-panels.html

All the best, Caroline


Caroline Anna Salling

PhD Fellow Division for Responsible Innovation and Design Technical University of Denmark +45 3053 1575


Building 358

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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