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Message posted on 18/01/2023

CfA - B.5 Studying paratexts in practice – How to,research algorithms in datafied societies - STS Graz 2023 Conference - 8-10 May 2023

Dear List Members (apologies for cross-posting),

we are pleased to invite you for abstract submissions to the Panel "Studying paratexts in practice – How to research algorithms in datafied societies" for the STS Graz 2023 Conference, held between 8-10 May 2023. In this panel, we want to discuss different possibilities and methods for researching algorithms (in its broadest sense) and their combination in mixed- and multi-method research. By doing this, we also want to discuss wider issues that we as researchers have encountered in our own attempts studying algorithms, ML and co., asking questions such as (but not limited to):

  • What are the methodological implications of researching algorithms?
  • Who has the epistemic authority to research algorithms?
  • Do we as social scientific researchers bestow algorithms with (too much) agency and power, by focusing our research (solely) on their functioning and politics?
  • What temptations do we risk of falling prey to, by researching algorithms?
  • Are we as researchers also contributing to the “paratexts of the AI movement” (Jansen (2022)), meaning “the programmatic descriptions, manifestos, and interviews that AI scientists used to explain what they thought they were doing when they did their research” – and hence contributing to (sometimes misleading) myths about what algorithms & AI can and cannot do?

Research papers, essays and other forms of contributions, such as group discussions or fishbowl conversations aiming at discussing these methodological and theoretical questions on researching algorithms are welcome to submit their proposals or abstracts. A complete call for abstracts is attached.

To Submit an abstract, please use the conference portal, which can be accessed here: under Session B5. Abstracts are due 30 January 2023.

In case of questions or for inquiries, please contact me: or Vera Gallistl:

Best wishes


Roger von Laufenberg, Ph.D

Managing Director

VICESSE Research GmbH | Vienna Centre for Societal Security

address. Paulanergasse4/8, 1040 Vienna

phone. +43 1 929 66 38



twitter. @vicesse @Roger_vonL

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