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Message posted on 13/01/2023

PhD position on STS, Ageing and Digitalisation

Dear all, we offer an exciting PhD position at the intersection of STS, ageing and digitalisation at the Open University of The Netherlands (Faculty of Humanities). The position is part of the Marie Curie Doctoral Network Programme HOMeAGE (9 countries, 12 PhD projects in total) and will research the links of ageing-in-place policies with the promises and practices of digital technologies, in particular those that rely on algorithms and data infrastructures (often referred to as Artificial Intelligence). Two secondments at Vilans and at Tampere University are part of the position.

The deadline for application is 17 February. You can find out more about the position at OU here: More information about the HOMeAGE Doctoral Network as well as the application link is available here:

Should you have further questions about this position, you can contact me at

Best wishes Alex

Prof. Dr. Alexander Peine Professor of Culture, Innovation and Communication

Faculty of Humanities Open University of The Netherlands Valkenburgerweg 177 Heerlen, Bologna Building, Room 3.03 P.O. Box 2960 6401 DL Heerlen

Chair: Socio-gerontechnology Network Vice-chair: Societal Advisory Board Joint Programming Initiative “More Years, Better Lives”

Latest Publications: Fischer, B., A. Peine, and B. Östlund (2022). Doing User Involvement: Shifting Interstices and Coalescing Tensions in Care Technology. Science, Technology & Human Values (forthcoming), 1-28. Lipp, B., and A. Peine (2022). Ageing as a Driver of Progressive Politics? What the European Silver Economy Teaches Us About the Co-Constitution of Ageing and Innovation. Ageing and Society (forthcoming), 1-13. Lukkien, D. R. M., H. H. Nap, H. P. Buimer, A. Peine, W. P. C. Boon, J. C. F. Ket, M. M. N. Minkman, and E. H. M. Moors (2022). Towards Responsible Artificial Intelligence in Long-Term Care: A Scoping Review on Practical Approaches. The Gerontologist (forthcoming), 1-14. Marshall, B. L., N. K. Dalmer, S. Katz, E. Loos, D. López Gómez, and A. Peine (2022). Digitization of Aging-in-place: An International Comparison of the Value-Framing of New Technologies. Societies 12 (2): 35.

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