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Message posted on 03/10/2022

CfP // STS-HUB 2023 // Integrating Ethics

Dear colleagues and friends,

as part of the STS-Hub 2023 from 15.03.2023 to 17.03.2023 in Aachen, Germany, (in presence only) we invite practitioners as well as theoreticians to reflect on the methodological experiences on integrating ethics into the development process of emerging technologies to our panel...

[INTEGRATING ETHICS] Methods & Tools for ethical reflection in development processes of emerging technologies. (click here for the official CfP)

In our panel we want to discuss challenges and exchange experiences on how to integrate ethical reflection in the development process. It is an open call to present methods and tools, best practice examples and failures and to exchange praxeological knowledge within the wider STS-community. Guiding questions of the panel are – among others: What is the role of ethicists in technology development? What methods and approaches help to integrate ethics into development processes? What are best practices and best failures? What works, what doesn't and why?

[How to Participate]

For participating in the panel, please provide a short overview of your work in 300 – 500 words as well as up to three questions you’d like to discuss during the panel.

For the actual panel, please prepare a short (5min) presentation to introduce yourself / your institution and your work and bring three questions, that are at the core of your work and which you would like to discuss with the community. We will then have a moderated discussion to exchange on the questions and advance our knowledge and practices on integrating ethics within technology development.


For participation or further information, please send your contribution to until the 01.11.2022. The panel committee will decide on the list of participants and inform you until the 15.11.2022.

[Panel committee]

The panel is a collaborative project by the Societal Futures research field at the Austrian Institute of Technology (Vienna) and the Berlin Ethics Lab at the TU Berlin (Berlin).

Prof. Dr. Sabine Ammon, Berlin Ethics Lab, TU Berlin Nele Fischer, Berlin Ethics Lab, TU Berlin Wenzel Mehnert, Berlin Ethics Lab, TU Berlin / Austrian Institute of Technology Dana Wasserbacher, Austrian Institute of Technology

Best regards and looking forward to see you in Aachen next year. the Panel committee

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