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Message posted on 14/09/2022

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Postdoc Intergenerational justice and nuclear waste futures in the UK

Dear all,

Please see the following job posting at Teesside University for a postdoctoral fellow combining empirical social science with applied ethics to explore the issue of intergenerational equity in radioactive waste facility decision-making in the UK. The post is initially funded for 18 months with the possibility of extension. open?VACANCY_ID=8469295H7z&WVID=3395700LFi&LANG=USA

Kindest regards, Matthew

Matthew Cotton Professor of Public Policy School of Social Sciences Humanities and Law Teesside University


Examples of recent research:

  • Climate change and non-migration exploring the role of place relations in rural and coastal Bangladesh. Population and Environment
  • Responsibility, engagement, and policy strategy for ocean plastic waste management: a Q-method study of stakeholder perspectives Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

  • Deliberative democracy and environmental justice: evaluating the role of citizens juries in urban climate governance Local Environment

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