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Message posted on 18/07/2022

TATuP: new issue 2/2022

Dear members,

The new /TATuP - Journal of Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice/ (Vol. 31, Issue 2) has been published online. Topic: "Energy sufficiency: conceptual considerations, modeling, and scenarios for less energy consumption " (EN/DE).

Sufficiency as a general sustainability strategy is a well-known concept. Although it is frequently discussed in academia and civil society, it is not yet well established in policy. Unlike efficiency and consistency, sufficiency aims at absolute reductions. In particular, the challenge of mitigating climate change requires that demand-side measures be developed with increasing urgency.

Sufficiency has several advantages: it appears to be critical to avoiding overshooting planetary boundaries, it mitigates the unintended side effects of other sustainability strategies, it promotes sovereignty and resilience, and it enhances equity and freedom-to name just a few benefits detailed in the introduction by Ben Best et al. The current issue of TATuP presents new research approaches and projects around sufficiency. (PDF of the whole issue here )

In the TATuP interview "Sufficiency policy," (in German) Michaela Christ talks with Uwe Schneidewind, mayor of the city of Wuppertal, among other things, about why sufficiency policy is considered particularly sensitive and why it is especially important in times of crisis.

Also in the current TATuP issue: a research article on artificial intelligence as a leader (Article in English), conference reports from, among others, the symposium "Robotic Systems for Care," a review on the gender data gap reviews and news from the TA scene.

Please also remember our open calls: submissions of research articles, book reviews, conference reports, etc. are always welcome.

We wish you an exciting read!

Your TATuP editorial team

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