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Message posted on 14/07/2022

PhD scholarship in Groningen, NL: Values in Arctic Tern conservation

Dear colleagues,

For Masters graduates who are looking to do a PhD that explores the intersection of more-than-human & infrastructural relations in conservation efforts:

We are offering a 4-year PhD scholarship at the University of Groningen, working with Maarten Loonen, Anne Beaulieu and colleagues from the Knowledge Infrastructures Dept of Campus Fryslân.

Deadline: 31 July

More details: -- Prof. dr. JA Beaulieu

Aletta Jacobs Chair of Knowledge Infrastructures

Director Data Research Centre

Campus Fryslân | University of Groningen

Coordinator PhD Training in STS for WTMC


Interview about research chair

🎧 P

odca st on Knowledge Infrastructures and Datafication

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