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Message posted on 19/05/2022

Call for Postdoc and PhD (DL 31.05) - Helsinki, Finland - Social Studies of Microbes

Dear all,

The Centre for the Social Study of Microbes at the University of Helsinki is looking for one postdoctoral (3 years) and one doctoral researcher (1,5 years). Deadline is 31st of May 2022.

Call for postdoctoral researcher:

Call for doctoral researcher:

The Centre for the Social Study of Microbes at the University of Helsinki is a hub for social scientists and artists conducting research on human-microbial relations. We aim to develop theory and methods to better make sense of the complex relations between humans, nonhumans, microbes, and their environments.

For any enquiries, get in touch with us by sending a message to


Jose A. Cañada (they/them) MSCA Research Fellow - University of Exeter (Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology) Visiting scholar - University of Helsinki (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Cañada, J.A., Sariola, S. & Butcher, A. 2022. In critique of anthropocentrism: a more-than-human framework for antimicrobial resistance. Medical Humanities, ePub ahead of print.

Butcher, A., Cañada, J.A. & Sariola, S. 2021. How to make noncoherent problems more productive: Towards an AMR management plan for low resource livestock sectors. Humanit Soc Sci Commun 8, 287.

Cañada, J.A. 2021. Scalability and partial connections in tackling antimicrobial resistance in West Africa. Chapter in With Microbes. Brives, C., Rest, M. & Sariola, S. (Eds.). London: Mattering Press.

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