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Message posted on 19/01/2022

Reminder: Zoom talk on radiation protection tomorrow!

Dear all,

The Chair of Science, Technology and Gender Studies at FAU Erlangen-N=FCrnb= erg, headed by Prof. Maria Rentetzi, invites you to participate in the firs= t event in its new STGS Colloquium series.

On Thursday, January 20 - i.e., TOMORROW - at 18:00 CET, Dr. V=E9ronique St= enger (University of Geneva) will give a talk entitled "Towards a Socio-His= tory of Occupational Risk: Logics and Conflicts in the Development of Radia= tion Protection in Uranium Mines."

Abstract: While the radioprotection of other categories of workers was being signific= antly extended nationally and internationally since the 1950s, most of the = countries extracting uranium did not adopt any radiation protection legisla= tion for miners until the end of the 1960s. Using risk as an analytical cat= egory, Dr. Stenger will examine the socio-genesis of radioprotection in ura= nium mines, crossing national and international scales.

To join us via Zoom please register here: sponsePage.aspx?id=3D887vspaEuECd6PE1mC80YRdw6-YvYA5FpgU8RLFrp9ZUNjFKTTBWVE= JSSVkwQzJCTVRES1VNS1pMSi4u.

Future talks in the series will be held by John Krige, Donatella Germanese,= and Fabian L=FCscher. Watch our website for more info: https://www.stgs.fa=

All the best, Bj=F6rn Bosserhoff

Dr. Bj=F6rn Bosserhoff Project Manager ERC project "Living with Radiation" (HRP-IAEA) Chair of Science, Technology and Gender Studies FAU Erlangen-N=FCrnberg

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