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Message posted on 08/09/2021

Online book launch of ”The Imposter as Social Theory” featuring Gabriella Coleman, Steve Woolgar, Else Vogel, David Moats and Claes-Fredrik Helgesson

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We are pleased to invite you to the online launch of the recently published volume, The Imposter as Social Theory, edited by Steve Woolgar, Else Vogel, David Moats and Claes-Fredrik Helgesson.

Date: 22 September, 16:00-17:30 CET Registration (no later than 19 September!):

The figure of the imposter can stir complicated emotions, from intrigue to suspicion and fear. But what insights can these troublesome figures provide into the social relations and cultural forms from which they emerge? This volume explores the question through a diverse range of empirical cases, including magicians, spirit possession, fake Instagram followers, fake art and fraudulent scientists.

The event will be hosted by Paul Stevens from Bristol University Press and will include a book presentation by the editors, comments from distinguished commentators, including Gabriella Coleman and a Q&A session. (Attendees will be offered a limited 50% discount code for the book.)

For any questions, please contact Else Vogel (e.vogel [at]

For more information about the book:

Contents: Thinking With Imposters: The Imposter As Analytic ~ Else Vogel, David Moats, Steve Woolgar and Claes-Fredrik Helgesson The Desire to Believe and Belong: Wannabes and Their Audience in a North American Cultural Context ~ Caroline Rosenthal A Menagerie of Imposters and Truth-Tellers: Diederik Stapel and the Crisis in Psychology ~ Maarten Derksen Learning From Fakes: A Relational Approach ~ Catelijne Coopmans Imitations of Celebrity ~ Mandy Merck Natural Imposters?: A Cuckoos View of Social Relations ~ Martin Abbott and Daniel Large Conjuring Imposters: The Extraordinary Illusions of Mundanity ~ Brian Rappert States of Imposture: Scroungerphobia and the Choreography of Suspicion~ James Kaufmann The Face of ‘The Other’: Biometric Facial Recognition, Imposters, and the Art of Outplaying Them ~ Kristina Grünenberg Faking Spirit Possession: Creating ‘Epistemic Murk’ in Bahian Candomblé ~ Mattijs van de Port The Guerrilla’s ID Card: Flatland Against Fatland in Colombia ~ Olga Restrepo Forero and Malcolm Ashmore Good Enough Imposters: The Market for Instagram Followers in Indonesia and Beyond ~ Johan Lindquist Thinking Beyond the Imposter: Gatecrashing Un/Welcoming Borders ~ Fredy Mora-Gamez

Postscript: Thinking With Imposters – What Were They Thinking? ~ Agnes, Forrest Carter, Civet Coffee Bean, Cuckoo, Iansá and Oxum, Sarah Jane, Han Van Meegeren, David Rosenhahn, Diederik Stapel and Jorge Enrique Briceño Suárez

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