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Message posted on 29/06/2022

Jobs: PhD and post-doc positions in philosophy of science / STS in Copenhagen

                Dear colleagues,

The Section for History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) is seeking to recruit a PhD student and a Post-doc in philosophy of science or STS. Deadline for applications is 28 August 2022 (23:59 GMT +2). To read more about the positions and to apply, please go here:

PhD vacancy:
Post-doc vacancy:

Both positions are part of the research project “Tackling the conservationist’s dilemma: towards a pluralist philosophy of taxonomy for species conservation policy” (2022-2026, PI: Joeri Witteveen).

Best regards,

Joeri Witteveen

Joeri Witteveen
Assistant Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
Associate Editor, Acta Biotheoretica

University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Department of Science Education
Section for History and Philosophy of Science
55°42'06.6"N 12°33'18.6”E

mail: Niels Bohr Building, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
visit: office 01.0.I.036, entry Rådmandsgade 64
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