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Message posted on 14/09/2021

Studying Human-Computer Interaction with Video - Online Short Course with Dr Stuart Reeves (Nottingham) for the UK's National Centre for Research Methods

                Studying Human-Computer Interaction with Video - Online Short Course

Presenter: Dr Stuart Reeves, Nottingham

Date: 10/11/2021 - 11/11/2021

Contact: Dr Billie-Gina Thomason,


Human-computer interaction (HCI) is an ever-more pervasive phenomenon. In
fact, avoiding any kind of interaction with digital technologies has become a
purposeful and quite challenging act in many modern societies. In this way HCI
has the potential for widespread relevance considerably beyond its initial
disciplinary origins stemming largely from university computer science and
psychology departments.

Simultaneously, approaches from the human sciences (and arts and humanities)
have pushed well into HCI's mainstream. One approach that has had significant
formative impact in HCI is, broadly, sociological interactionism; that is,
understanding interaction with / around digital technologies, infrastructures
and services as constitutively interactional in nature.

This course will explore one formative strand of interactionism: video-based
studies of social interaction with / around digital technologies (e.g., in
everyday life), informed by traditions of ethnomethodology and conversation

The course will contextualise video analysis both in terms of human-computer
interaction as everyday, routine phenomena, and with respect to HCI as a field
(and its connections with both technical and sociotechnical fields of
research). By looking at video analysis through the lens of ethnomethodology
and conversation analysis, coupled with a perspective on the disciplinary
challenges such work potentially faces, this course will provide a broad
introduction to doing studies in this form: how they can be conceived of and
what outcomes they might produce. As such it will be of interest to a whole
range of STS researchers.

For further information and details on registration see here:
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