Alex Rushforth (Leiden University)

I am a researcher, based at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University. I have long felt affinity and admiration for those serving the community through EASST and would be honored to serve as Council Member. Many issues face EASST and its members at present and I am particularly keen to give visibility to: inequities in career and job security among our members, varying degrees of access to critical infrastructures like conferences and journals, and issues surrounding the climate emergency.

I bring to the position strong administrative and event management skills, having regularly run team meetings and reading groups, as well as larger seminars, workshops and conferences across my post-doctoral career at Leiden and Oxford. I served as PhD representative during my PhD and as a member of my University’s Research Ethics Committee. Currently I coordinate a Thematic Hub in my department on Responsible Evaluation, working across disciplines and seniority levels to coordinate events and activities about reforming research assessment.

If elected, I pledge to speak up for future EASST conferences becoming hybrid, to help improve access for our members less able to attend and to help the community reduce its flight emissions. I also will speak up for members of the EASST community in precarious employment positions and those who struggle to access conferences and other critical resources. Through helping to tackle these and other challenges I hope I can repay EASST for what is has given me over my time in the field.


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