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Message posted on 14/11/2022

Webinar invitation: Vaccine Hesitancy and Public Mistrust of Science, Dec 12, 2022

Welcome to the open webinar about Vaccine Hesitancy and Public Mistrust of Science! Prof. Maya Goldenberg invited by the VAX-TRUST consortium to give a talk on vaccine hesitancy

The VAX-TRUST consortium invites you to the webinar Vaccine Hesitancy and Public Mistrust of Science on December 12 at 4-6 pm CET.

The presentation will be given by Professor Maya J. Goldenberg from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Guelph. Prof. Goldenberg is a member of the VAX-TRUST advisory board and an expert in the philosophy of science and medicine, with an interest in the connection between science and values.

The commentary of the presentation will be given by Professor Pru Hobson-West from the Institute of Science and Society at the University of Nottingham, UK. Prof. Hobson-West is a Team Leader in the VAX-TRUST research project and is extensively experienced in the study of vaccine hesitancy from a social scientific perspective.

We welcome all interested parties to participate!

You can access the webinar directly from this Zoom link:

Link to website of VAX-TRUST project with webinar announcement:

More information:

Technical assistance of webinar:

Please circulate this invitation widely in your networks.

Kind regards

Pia Vuolanto

Academy Research Fellow, PI/VAX-TRUST

Tampere University, Finland


Personal webpage:

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