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Message posted on 28/09/2022

PhD position STS/Critical Data Studies at Uni Graz, Austria (75%, 4 years)

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Final week to apply for PhD position (75 FTE, 4 years) in STS / Critical Data Studies and with a focus on ageing, education or the public sector. The deadline is the 5th of October. d

The PhD student will be associated with the Department of Sociology and teach in the joint Master$B!G(Bs programme $B!H(BComputational Social Systems $B!I(B (Computer Science, Sociology, Psychology and Law).

With best wishes,



Dr. Juliane Jarke

Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib)

Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI)

University of Bremen

TAB 3.88 | Am Fallturm 1 | 28359 Bremen

t +49 421 - 218 56586 | e

Homepage | Twitter

Latest publications

Hepp, A., Jarke, J., & Kramp, L. (Eds.) (2022). The Ambivalences of Data Power: New Perspectives in Critical Data Studies. Palgrave. $B"*(B book (open access)

Manchester, H., & Jarke, J. (2022). Considering the role of material gerontology in reimagining technology design for ageing populations. International Journal of Ageing and Later Life, 15(2), 181-213. $B"*(B full paper (open access)

Zakharova, I. & Jarke, J. (2022) Educational technologies as matters of care. In: Learning, Media and Technology, 47:1, 95-108. $B"*(B full paper (open access)

Jarke, J. & Macgilchrist, F. (2021). Dashboard stories: How the narratives told by predictive analytics reconfigure roles, risk and sociality in education. Big Data & Society. $B"(B full paper (open access) $B"(B video abstract

Heuer, H., Jarke, J. & Breiter, A. (2021). Machine Learning in Tutorials: Universal Applicability, Underinformed Application, and Other Misconceptions. Big Data & Society. $B"(B full paper (open access) $B"(B video abstract

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